UKLO offers three kinds of certificates in connection with Round 1:

  • for competitors at the Advanced level
  • for competitors at non-Advanced levels (i.e. Breakthrough, Foundation, Intermediate or Lite)
  • for markers of Advanced scripts

Advanced level competitors

We print these and send them to schools, at our expense.  Each competitor receives a certificate showing their name, their  school’s name, the year (i.e. date) of the competition and the result, as follows:

  • Gold – for the top 5%
  • Silver – for the next 10%
  • Bronze – for the next 20%
  • Participation – for the remaining 65%

The percentages are approximate because we have to fix them in relation to the nearest boundary in the marks.

Non-Advanced competitors

These are available as certificate blanks for teachers to download from the password-protected website for test material. Each certificate blank is a Word file so it can be edited, and teachers can enter pupil names, the school’s name and (optionally) an award level. As with other aspects of the Non-Advanced competition, teachers are free to use these certificates as they want.

If a teacher chooses to treat the olympiad is an internal competition within the school, then they can use the Gold, Silver, Bronze and Participation certificates in the same way as in the Advanced level (see above), but with boundaries defined by the marks profile within the school rather than on the national profile.We recommend the same 5% – 10% – 20% – 65% ratios as in the Advanced level.

If a teacher prefers to base award certificates on the national profile, they can do so. But although we will announce boundaries based on the national profile, we can’t do this until we have the national statistics, at the end of March.


Every marker should receive a certificate to thank them for their efforts.


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