International Linguistics Olympiad successes

Here is a list of the awards that the UKLO team has gained at the IOL:

2016, Mysore, India – See the official list of results

  • Samuel Ahmed (King’s College School Wimbledon): Gold!
  • Liam McKnight (Magdalen College School): Gold! and one Best Answer
  • Isobel Voysey (Westminster School): Bronze
  • AND for our team:  Bronze

2015 Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria – See the official list of results

  • Samuel Ahmed (King’s College School Wimbledon): Gold!
  • Anthony Bracey (Abingdon School): Silver
  • Liam McKnight (Magdalen College School): Gold!
  • Naomi Solomons (Forest school): Bronze
  • Harry Taylor (Magdalen College School): Honourable mention
  • Isobel Voysey (Westminster School): Honourable mention
  • Stephanie Wong (Headington School): Honourable mention
  • AND our West Team (Anthony, Liam, Harry, Stephanie) won the team competition!

2014 Beijing

  • Ellie Warner (Burgess Hill School for Girls): Gold!!!! (Our first ever!)
  • Alastair Carr (King’s College School): Honorable mention

2013 Manchester

  • Omri Faraggi, Abingdon School  –  Silver Medal
  • Harry Goodhew, Dulwich College  – Honorable Mention
  • Neema Kotonya, Lancaster Girls’ Grammar school – Honorable Mention
  • Daniel Pitt, Harrow School – Honorable Mention
  • Theo  Tindall,  Westminster School – Honorable Mention
  • Elysia Warner, Burgess Hill School for Girls – Honorable Mention

2012 Ljubljana

  • Melanie Duncan (James Allen’s Girls’ School): Bronze
  • Omri Faraggi (Abingdon School): Bronze
  • Baichuan Li (Highgate School): Bronze
  • Tom White (Winchester College): Silver

2011 Pittsburgh

  •  Nik Moore (John Leggott College, Scunthorpe): Bronze
  • Piotr Gałuszka (Worth School, Turners Hill): Honourable Mention

2010 Stockholm

  • Younus Porteous (Westminster School): Bronze
  • Nathan Somers (Manchester Grammar School): Best solution
  • Craig Bohrson (Manchester Grammar School): Honourable Mention
  • Carl Rietschel (Westminster School): Honourable Mention

2009 Wrocław

  • Ben Caller (Manchester Grammar School): Bronze



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