Volunteering as a marker for 2015

To register as a new volunteer marker or Markathon organiser for Round 1, fill in the form below. If you have registered in a previous year, you don’t need to register again.

Please note that the crucial period for marking is February 2015.


5 Responses to Volunteering

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  2. Svetoslava Antonova-Baumann says:


    I am a PhD student in Linguistics at Northumbria University (UK) and would like to volunteer as a marker for LO 2014.

    Many thanks and best wishes,
    Svetoslava Antonova-Baumann

  3. dick says:

    Hello Svetoslava. Thanks for the offer. Would you mind filling in the form at http://www.uklo.org/volunteering-2014 ? Sorry to give you extra work, but we need your contact details.

    Dick Hudson

  4. Sondos Ibrahim says:

    Hi there, I volunteered as a marker last year and would love to do this again this time around. I’ve filled in the above form though I’m aware that it is for 2014 rather than 2015.
    Best wishes


  5. dick says:

    Thanks Sondos. We haven’t yet got our act together on recruiting markers, but I’m sure we’ll need your help, and we’ll be in touch soon with the people who marked last year. Thanks for your support!

    Richard Hudson

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