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United Kingdom Linguistics Olympiad

Think. Develop. Discover. Solve.

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Call for teachers doing UKLO: Linguistics Association of Great Britain (LAGB) Education Session

This year’s Linguistics Association of Great Britain (LAGB) Education Session is entitled “How linguists can help schools”. The session is…
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ULAB Conference Registration Now Open!

Registration for the ULAB 2023 conference is now open! Here is the link to purchase your ticket: There are…
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Answering general comments and questions about UKLO

We answer some of the questions teachers may have about UKLO including how to get started, why UKLO, what is…
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Wow your students with UKLO questions

United Kingdom Linguistics Olympiad (UKLO) questions offer students the freedom to explore what is not covered in the classroom. <Find out more>

We’re experts in language

Our linguists and genius puzzle-makers offer you the best expertise in language analysis inside your classroom. <Find out more>

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Free for all Schools and Ages

We want every student to have the chance to excel. That is why UKLO has always been entirely free for every school. <Find out more>

Enter your students into the competition

Linguistic talent is in every school. Because of this, we offer the opportunity for students to win medals and showcase their skills internationally. <Find out more>

This is an example UKLO problem, showing our product. This comes from the 2015 paper Round 1 Question 3 in Polish

UKLO Problem Example

Something's Wrong!

Can you correct it? Have a think and look at the colour codes. Try to discover some patterns. If you think it's too easy, check out our harder problems.

Example from: 2015 Round 1 Question 3 Polish

It is no surprise that UKLO runs on the spirit and energy of our participants. Therefore, we would like to thank all schools, teachers and students that have participated in UKLO, as well as our very talented test development volunteers who over the years have checked, documented and exceeded 165 different languages in our exam papers.

In order to get started, all teachers and markers need to sign-up and log in to their UKLO account to access materials and resources for the year.

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Part of the Linguistics Olympiad

As part of the Linguistics Olympiad, UKLO is a language-analysis competition for secondary schools in which pupils solve language puzzles. Since a typical puzzle is based on data from some unfamiliar language, competitors are required to work out some part of the system illustrated by the data. Moreover, the intellectual experiences provided by the Olympiad competitions are not part of the normal school curriculum, but many pupils greatly enjoy the challenge and the competitions promise a number of important educational benefits.

Supporters of UKLO

Together with our received donations, we would like to thank all of our supporters from universities, schools and organisations!

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Our patron

Olympic Linguist: Christine Ohuruogu

"I am proud of my BA and hold it in high regard along with my athletics medals."

It's wonderful to note that Christine Ohuruogu graduated with a BA in Linguistics from UCL. As a matter of fact, she was also awarded an Honorary Fellowship by UCL in 2013.

Alongside her record-breaking 9 medals in international competitions between 2005 and 2016, indeed her outstanding achievements and dedication make us all very proud to have her as our patron.

"I really enjoyed the intellectual challenge of exploring the amazing complexities of language structure, and especially the data problems that were an important part of the teaching. "

"I think that everyone should try to do things that are very difficult for them, whether in sport or in thinking, and that what matters is how hard they try, rather than whether they overcome those particular challenges." - Christine Ohuruogu

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