Marking in 2021

Notice board for errors and corrections in the Advanced solutions

  • Feb 8: The ‘add a student’ option isn’t working. We’re addressing the issue now. Meanwhile, the option for marking a script as missing *is* working (unlike previously).
    • Feb 11: This problem has now been fixed. Unfortunately the ‘missing script’ option *isn’t* in fact working (contrary to the above message), because it doesn’t save the entry; but it doesn’t matter because you can show that you’ve marked all the scripts you have by hitting ‘Yes, I’m done marking’.
  • Feb 7: The Advanced problems are named A1, A2, etc because this year (unusually) they’re all unique to the Advanced competition. But the portal doesn’t accept letters – just numbers; so on the portal the problems are called 11, 12, etc.
  • Feb 4: This year’s arrangements have been deeply affected by the pandemic, so please consult:


The marking coordinator is Neema Kotonya


  • Mon 25th January: final day for notifying us of your marker capacity.
  • Jan 25-29: week for allocation of schools to markers. During this week your page on the portal will show the contact details and script numbers of your school(s).
  • Feb 1-5: test week, so all Advanced scripts should have been scanned and uploaded (with lists of names) by the end of Friday 5th.
  • Feb 6-15: Marking takes place.
  • Monday 15th February: Deadline for uploading points to the portal
  • Monday 22 February: Advanced results announced
    • If you have been sent paper scripts with a stamped addressed envelope, please keep them with you till this day in case we need to include them in our shortlist; but on this day you can return them to the school.


Many thanks to those who have organised or taken part in a markathon this year. Once we know who they are they will be listed below, but please remind us if you think we’ve forgetten you!

  • UCL (organiser: Kazune Sato)
    • Ann To, Cécile Larralde, Ciara Stute, Erin Wu, Grigorios Masouras, Hans van de Koot, Hanzhang Meng, Jiayi Tang, Klaus Abels, Lyris Xu, Ruijia Fu, Yizhen Jiang, Yucheng Zhu, Yuqian Zhang, Zsofia Varga