Training camp 2022


Covid precautions


Residential camp in April

This year, unlike previous years, we are providing a residential camp in April for the top 12 performers in Round 2. This will provide the basis for further training for the International Linguistics Olympiad.


From the evening of Thursday 28 April to the evening of Sunday 1 May.


The University of Warwick have kindly agreed to host the UK teams for the competition.

How much?

This event, like the rest of UKLO’s offerings, is entirely free to both the participants and their schools. This is possible because of generous financial support from our sponsoring organisations.


The camp will consist of 12 competitors and 2 resident tutors. The competitors will be selected on the basis of their performance in Round 2.  The camp will help in the selection of the eight members of the UK squad for the International Linguistics Olympiad.


These photos were taken and shared by Siyu Chen, your postgraduate guide. Thanks Siyu! If you want to view the photos, just click on one then move through them using the left/right arrows.