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Dublin, Ireland

  • Sam Ahmed (King’s College School Wimbledon) Top Gold! ● Liam McKnight (Magdalen College School) Gold! ● Simi Hellsten (Bournemouth School) Gold! ● Ben Morris (City of London School) Silver ● Harry Taylor (Magdalen College School) Silver ● Team K (Harry Taylor, Kamran Sharifi (Manchester Grammar School), Sam Ahmed and Simi Hellsten) Best team in the individual competition, winning the Blue Trophy, on which their names will be engraved. The actual trophy is a new one because the original trophy has no more room for names. It has been kindly donated by the USA Olympiad, and UKLO is proud to be its first recipient. It’s still in production, but its centrepiece will be the astonishing Rosetta Wearable Disk shown in the picture (which contains The Preamble to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 327 languages and the Swadesh vocabulary lists assembled by the PanLex Project in 719 languages) ● Teams K and U Honourable Mention for the team competition.