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The first linguistics olympiad for school children was held in Moscow in 1965. Since then, the idea has spread to many other countries, but the UK didn’t hold its first olympiad (called UKLO, the UK Linguistics Olympiad) till 2010. The first UK schools took part as guests of the newly founded All-Ireland Linguistics Olympiad (AILO), which in turn built on the relatively new North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad (NACLO), which allowed AILO to use a selection of test material developed for use in US schools. Since then a consortium of English-speaking countries have constituted ELCLO, the English-Language Computational Linguistics Olympiad, as a means for pooling resources; but their shared resources are hosted by NACLO. The committee charged with setting up UKLO is a subcommittee of the Committee for Linguistics in Education (CLIE).