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Round 1

You can find a lot of past papers that will prepare you for Round 1 under ‘Start Solving Problems’ on the homepage.

Round 2

Have a look at the Round 2 past papers, and bare in mind that the main difference between round 2 and round 1 is that in round 2 you will be asked to provide explanations for your answers.

International Linguistics Olympiad (IOL)

You can find all IOL Past papers on the IOL Website:

Ellies Linguistic Tips

Neema Kotonya has provided walkthroughs for 3 IOL questions:

Click to see the other two:

2007 International Linguistics Olympiad | Question 2 | IOLing, UKLO, NACLO (Movima)

2004 International Linguistics Olympiad | Question 3 | IOLing, UKLO, NACLO (Latin)