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How to get involved

Get directly involved with UKLO

Tell us how much you love UKLO, we’d love to hear from you!

We are constantly updating our website, and would like to hear feedback on any aspect of UKLO so that we can make your experience the best it can be.

Want to help UKLO?

Here are ways you can lend a hand to our project, which is almost entirely driven by unpaid enthusiasts like you:


Anyone can volunteer to mark Advanced problem scripts; more information (including some worked examples) and the registration form can be found here. We always need more marking capacity, and our need expands as the number of entries rises year on year.


If you’d like to be considered for a committee role – see the list of roles – please tell the Chair what you can offer. Even if the role is already filled they may be glad to have help. We’re particularly short of help with admin matters such as fundraising and charity status.

Puzzle building and testing

All our problems are original and freshly created. Creating a good problem isn’t easy, and comes more easily to some than to others, so see if you’ve got what it takes by creating one and sending it to us. If we like it we may be able to find room for you in our team that builds problems. Puzzle testing is equally important and we are also interested in recruiting volunteers to trial linguistics problems.

Promotion and media coverage

If you can publicise UKLO within your world – school, university, office, neighbourhood – that would be wonderful! At present we have a thousand registered teachers, so most relevant teachers have probably never heard of us; and within most schools, only a very small handful of pupils know about UKLO. If you’re up to visiting a school as our ambassador, we can provide a list of local schools; contact the publicity team; we may be able to help with your costs if they’re modest. And if you’re good at social media, we can do with whatever cover you can give us – again discuss it with the publicity team.

Spread the word at our hashtag #uklo. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. We are very keen to expand our cover, so this is an area where we’re particularly keen to have help. We are interested in media coverage as well as events hosting and promoting UKLO products. All events are given recognition and publicity on our spaces as found on our website.


We always need more money, so donations, however small, are always welcome. You can make them either by bank transfer or by Paypal – see this page.