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How to Sign Up ( For markers)

  1. Click this link to ‘Sign Up to the UKLO Portal‘ . Enter your details and click ‘Sign Up’.
  2. Follow the registration process on the UKLO Portal
  3. You should now be at the UKLO Portal Dashboard. Complete your registration by ensuring all your relevant details are completed and updated on the UKLO system and in the right place for this year:
    • Click on Profile and fill in the white boxes with your personal details. Save Changes

Congratulations! You have registered yourself as a marker. Welcome to UKLO!

So how do I use the portal now that I’m registered?

Everything for you during exam seasons is displayed in the Dashboard. Here is a key for what all the buttons mean.

  • Enter Points: Enter in the points for the students in each school for the (Advanced only).
  • Test Released/Answers Released: In one of the two (or both) you can find the mark scheme for each question

Important Note! The mark scheme you are given details how to assign points. These should be entered into the portal, which translates points into marks.

Markers are only supposed to be marking Advanced papers ( nothing lower)

More Portal Details and Instructions

Please click here for more details on how to use the portal for markers

Marker’s Room

When you are finished registering, please go to the marker’s room for all information and resources regarding marking and running markathons. All important information for markers will be accessible there.

Exam arrangements

As the marking process goes, there may be corrections or errors made to the current marking scheme given to you. To keep up to date with all these changes, as well as the general timetable, visit exam arrangements.