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IOL (International Linguistics Olympiad)

The next IOL competition is in…

Brasília (Brazil) 2024: July

A big thank you to volunteers who have helped run the logistics, events and travel for the IOL


Click to see all the highlights of 2023 with the UKLO Team:

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Repeat Medallists

  • Liam McKnight: 4 time gold medallist (2015-2018), current record holder for the IOL
  • Samuel Ahmed: 3 time gold medallist (2015-2017)
  • Simeon (Simi) Hellsten: 2 time gold medallist (2017,2019) and silver medallist (2018)
  • Benedict Randall Shaw: 2 time gold medallist (2018-2019)
  • Alison Craig-Greene: Gold medallist (2022) and silver medallist (2023)
  • William Thompson: Gold medallist (2023) and silver medallist (2022)
  • Toby Collins: Silver medallist (2022) and bronze medallist (2021)
  • Omri Faraggi: Silver medallist (2013) and bronze medallist (2012)

Total Year by Year Breakdown

(Other = Best Answer or Honourable Mention or Solver’s Choice), hover mouse to see details (includes individual medals, team trophies (all counted as one), individual contest team ranking, best solutions and honorable mentions)



July 23

Bansko, Bulgaria

William Thomson (Winchester College) Gold + Team Gold ● Alison Craig-Greene (King Edward VI Grammar School) Silver + Team Gold ● Daniel Titmas (Reading School) Silver + Team Gold ● Luke Borrel (The London Oratory School) Bronze + Team Gold
July 25

Castletown, Isle of Man

Alison Craig-Greene (King Edward VI Grammar School) Gold ● George Zhou (Westminster School) Silver ● Stratos Voudouris (Reading School) Silver + Team Bronze ● Toby Collins (The Perse School) Silver + Team Bronze ● William Thomson (Winchester College) Silver + best solution Problem 3 + Team Bronze ● Alex Thompson (Dr Challoner’s Grammar School) Team Bronze ● Brendan Bethlehem (Westminster School) Honorable mention
July 19

Ventspils, Latvia

Toby Collins (The Perse School) Bronze ● Alex Robson (The Judd School) Honourable Mention, Best solution for problem 4 ● Harrison Moore (The Judd School) Honourable Mention ● Toby Weston (King’s College School) Honourable Mention ● Aanya Goyal (Alleyn’s School) Honourable Mention ● Team U (Alex Robson, Barnaby Colvin (The Perse School), Harrison Moore, Toby Weston) Honourable Mention ● Sam Ahmed (past UKLO competitor and IOL jury member) Best problem (voted by competitors) 
July 15

Covid 19 Pandemic Cancellation

Due to Covid Restrictions, IOL 2020 didn’t happen ( sad!)
July 29

Yongin, Korea

Sam Corner (Exeter Mathematics School) Gold and perfect solution to problem 2 ● Simi Hellsten (Bournemouth School) Gold ● Kilian Meissner (The Perse School, Cambridge) Bronze ● Harrison Moore (The Judd School) Silver ● Benedict Randall Shaw (Westminster School) Gold ● Daniel Turaev (JCoSS) Silver ● Alex Walker (The Perse School, Cambridge) Bronze
July 26

Prague, Czechia

Liam McKnight (Magdalen College School, Oxford) Gold ● Hari Prasad (The Perse School, Cambridge) Bronze ● Simi Hellsten (Bournemouth School) Silver ● Benedict Randall Shaw (Westminster School) Gold ● Sean White (City of London School) Bronze + Best answer + Team Bronze ● Edmund Lea (Reading School) Bronze + Team Bronze ● Eleanor Edwards (Withington Girls School) Team Bronze ● Selina Wang (Burgess Hill Girls) Team Bronze
July 31

Dublin, Ireland

Sam Ahmed (King’s College School Wimbledon) Top Gold! ● Liam McKnight (Magdalen College School) Gold! ● Simi Hellsten (Bournemouth School) Gold! ● Ben Morris (City of London School) Silver ● Harry Taylor (Magdalen College School) Silver ● Team K (Harry Taylor, Kamran Sharifi (Manchester Grammar School), Sam Ahmed and Simi Hellsten) Best team in the individual competition, winning the Blue Trophy, on which their names will be engraved. The actual trophy is a new one because the original trophy has no more room for names. It has been kindly donated by the USA Olympiad, and UKLO is proud to be its first recipient. It’s still in production, but its centrepiece will be the astonishing Rosetta Wearable Disk shown in the picture (which contains The Preamble to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 327 languages and the Swadesh vocabulary lists assembled by the PanLex Project in 719 languages) ● Teams K and U Honourable Mention for the team competition.
July 25

Mysore, India

Samuel Ahmed (King’s College School Wimbledon) Gold! ● Liam McKnight (Magdalen College School) Gold! and one Best Answer ● Isobel Voysey (Westminster School) Bronze ● AND for our team Bronze
July 20

Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Samuel Ahmed (King’s College School Wimbledon) Gold! ● Anthony Bracey (Abingdon School) Silver ● Liam McKnight (Magdalen College School) Gold! ● Naomi Solomons (Forest school) Bronze ● Harry Taylor (Magdalen College School) Honourable mention ● Isobel Voysey (Westminster School) Honourable mention ● Stephanie Wong (Headington School) Honourable mention ● AND our West Team (Anthony, Liam, Harry, Stephanie) won the team competition!
July 21

Beijing, China

Ellie Warner (Burgess Hill School for Girls) Gold!!!! (Our first ever!) ● Alastair Carr (King’s College School) Honorable mention