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IOL (International Linguistics Olympiad)

The next IOL competition is in…

Brasília (Brazil) 2024: July

A big thank you to volunteers who have helped run the logistics, events and travel for the IOL


Click to see all the highlights of 2023 with the UKLO Team:

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Repeat Medallists

  • Liam McKnight: 4 time gold medallist (2015-2018), current record holder for the IOL
  • Samuel Ahmed: 3 time gold medallist (2015-2017)
  • Simeon (Simi) Hellsten: 2 time gold medallist (2017,2019) and silver medallist (2018)
  • Benedict Randall Shaw: 2 time gold medallist (2018-2019)
  • Alison Craig-Greene: Gold medallist (2022) and silver medallist (2023)
  • William Thompson: Gold medallist (2023) and silver medallist (2022)
  • Toby Collins: Silver medallist (2022) and bronze medallist (2021)
  • Omri Faraggi: Silver medallist (2013) and bronze medallist (2012)

Total Year by Year Breakdown

(Other = Best Answer or Honourable Mention or Solver’s Choice), hover mouse to see details (includes individual medals, team trophies (all counted as one), individual contest team ranking, best solutions and honorable mentions)



July 22

Manchester, UK

Omri Faraggi, Abingdon School  –  Silver Medal ● Harry Goodhew, Dulwich College  – Honorable Mention ● Neema Kotonya, Lancaster Girls’ Grammar school – Honorable Mention ● Daniel Pitt, Harrow School – Honorable Mention ● Theo  Tindall,  Westminster School – Honorable Mention ● Elysia Warner, Burgess Hill School for Girls – Honorable Mention
July 29

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Melanie Duncan (James Allen’s Girls’ School) Bronze ● Omri Faraggi (Abingdon School) Bronze ● Baichuan Li (Highgate School) Bronze ● Tom White (Winchester College) Silver
July 25

Pittsburgh, US

Nik Moore (John Leggott College, Scunthorpe) Bronze ● Piotr Gałuszka (Worth School, Turners Hill) Honourable Mention
July 19

Stockholm, Sweden

Younus Porteous (Westminster School) Bronze ● Nathan Somers (Manchester Grammar School) Best solution ● Craig Bohrson (Manchester Grammar School) Honourable Mention ● Carl Rietschel (Westminster School) Honourable Mention
July 26

Wrocław, Poland

Ben Caller (Manchester Grammar School) Bronze