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  • Mon Jan 31, 2022: end of period for notifying Advanced numbers.
  • Thurs Feb 3: test material released on the portal for all levels (see below).
  • Feb 7-11: test week for round 1
  • Fri Feb 11 (end): deadline for scanning and uploading Advanced scripts.
  • Sat Feb 12: solutions for non-Advanced problems released via the portal.
  • Mon Feb 28: results announced for the Advanced competition.
  • March 14: deadline for entering non-Advanced results in the portal. Soon after that we’ll fix the national thresholds to tell you that you can download your certificates.
  • April 4 (tbc): All-clear for releasing publicly all the test material, for all levels including Advanced, and including solutions and marking schemes.

Important Noticeboard

  • Sun 22.2.13: The solutions and marking schemes that I uploaded yesterday evening contained some small errors which have now been fixed in the uploaded versions. If you downloaded those files before 13.00 on Sunday I’m afraid you should download them again. (The problems involved are #7 and #10.) Very sorry, and thanks to those who spotted the errors.
  • Tues 22.2.8: Problem 5. The mentions of “Columbia” should, of course, be “Colombia”! Very sorry – do alert your competitors.
  • Mon 22.2.7: Problem 5. Feel free to explain what a machete is if you think they won’t know. Please try to avoid comparing it to a sword – if possible, just give them a picture and explain how it’s used.
  • Mon 22.2.7: Breakthrough and Foundation levels. If you downloaded the solutions and marking scheme on Thursday or Friday (see the next bullet), please DON’T start marking, because I’m expecting to revise them in the next day or two when I test-mark some scripts. The official versions will be uploaded on Saturday, so please wait till then. Very sorry if you’re itching to get started …
  • Fri 22.2.4: Breakthrough and Foundation levels. (Not a moment of glory here …) I accidentally uploaded the files with solutions for these two levels. When printing them out, please make sure not to include the solutions! The uploaded files are now correct (as of 10 pm Friday evening).
  • Fri 22.2.4: Problem 10. During the correction of the minor error below, I uploaded the wrong file – the one with the solution to Problem 10! This has now been corrected.
  • Thurs 22.2.3: Problem 10. The footnote contained an obvious error which has been removed. If you downloaded the material before 20.30 on Thursday you’ll have the error, but copies downloaded after that time are correct.