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Linguistics for schools. Written by Richard Hudson.

Linguists in schools. Written by Billy Clark

UK Linguistics Olympiad (UKLO) 2023. Written by Scotland’s National Centre for Languages (SCILT)


Two articles about Choctaw and Malagasy, questions featured by UKLO. Written by Alex Bellos


An article in the Warrington Guardian.


Linguistics as education – an article that mentions UKLO for U-Lingua Magazine


Article in The Economist by Lane Greene

Another LO puzzle in Alex Bellos’s column ( The Guardian)


Analysing the languages of the stars – an article about UKLO for Babel Magazine

A LO puzzle in Alex Bellos’s maths column in the Guardian.


Press Release: UK team strikes gold at IOL 2017


KALling all language teachers – an article about UKLO for the ISMLA magazine

An article about UKLO at St Paul’s School in the ISMLA magazine


An interview with Virginie Dall’Acqua in the ISMLA Newsletter.

An article in Babel about the UKLO pin-badges that they sell for us.


Two pages by Ian Cushing: Getting your language muscles in shape. (e-magazine Dec 2014)


Half a page (on page 16) in the online Action Network Magazine.

Language as Headache four-page article about UKLO in the second issue of Babel, the language magazine.


One-page UKLO problem (page 24) in the first issue of Babel, the language magazine.

Richard Hudson & Neil Sheldon. Linguistics at School: The UK Linguistics Olympiad. (Language and Linguistics Compass)

Richard Hudson. Language as head-ache: the UK Linguistics Olympiad. (ISMLA Newsletter)

Press Release: Over 6,000 British school pupils enter 2013 UK Linguistics Olympiad


Louis Blois & Richard Hudson. The Linguistics Olympiad. (e-magazine)

Richard Hudson & Vivienne Rogers. Going for gold with languages. (Francophonie)

Richard Hudson. Challenges of languages. (Attain)

Luke Sullivan (Round 2 competitor). Calling all linguists. (SecEd, May 19 2011, page 12)


Press Release: The UK Linguistics Olympiad


Press Release: UK Scores in its First Linguistics Olympiad