Notifying entries for 2013

  • As soon as you know roughly how many candidates you expect to enter at each level (Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced), please email Martin Edwardes to tell him. This allows us to set up the necessary infrastructure, which is especially important at Advanced level because we mark all Advanced scripts. So the earlier the better, and if you find that your plans change, just email Martin to tell him.
  • At Advanced level, we don’t need to know either names or exact numbers until you send us the scripts. At that time we’ll distribute prepared spreadsheets where we ask you to enter the names (carefully – the names you give us will be those that appear on their certificates when the results are finalised).
  • At Foundation and Intermediate levels, we also distribute spreadsheets to help you to calculate scores, but since you do the marking we don’t have to have your spreadsheets. However, we do ask you to send us them so that we can compile a national picture of mark statistics. We also use them for research; for example, we are interested to track individual students through the years as they progress from Foundation to Advanced.

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