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Hampton School"I am thrilled for Henry, Pallav and Daniel, who have performed brilliantly in not one but two rounds of the UKLO. Thank you for your hard work and commitment, especially with your public exams on the horizon, and for inspiring budding linguists to give the UKLO a go!"

"What a pleasure it has been to organise the UKLO for these bright linguists, who threw themselves into training sessions and tackled an exceptionally challenging paper with enthusiasm and resilience. To see so many new faces amongst our seasoned veterans was also very heartening."

" I would highly recommend the UKLO to anyone interested in languages or anyone who likes to decode puzzles with a logical approach"
UKLO Awards 2023


Linguistics Olympiad Success -(2022)
Latymer Upper School"For the first time all of our candidates have won a bronze award or higher"

"UKLO is a fun but challenging competition in which students compete to solve problems based on some of the world’s 7,000 languages. Participants use data from a given language to crack codes and solve puzzles. It requires analytical skills and critical thinking"
Another record year for Latymerians at UK Linguistics Olympiad -(2023)
Reading School"Brilliant to see the students fully engaged and thoroughly focused and enjoying"

"UKLO is a language-analysis competition that develops focus, structural and lateral thinking, problem solving and analysis skills, while encouraging a lifelong interest in the world’s languages."
UKLO Underway -(2023)

Video -(2022)
Royal Grammar School Guildford"The linguistics problem-solving skills you will develop are highly prized by many universities and employers, and come in handy for all sorts of subjects, such as Maths, Computing, and Languages!"

"The competition is a platform for students to showcase their analytical and problem-solving skills drawing from their own language knowledge while exploring diverse languages from around the world. We look forward to next year’s competition and we are happy to welcome even more pupils to our weekly lunchtime Friday sessions."

UK Linguistics Olympiad (UKLO)-2023
Royal Russell School"Great Hall played host to 124 pupils from Years 6 -13... for the eagerly awaited Linguistics Olympiad.The competition requires pupils to apply problem-solving and critical thinking skills to tackle linguistics puzzles. Everyone engaged enthusiastically and the teams worked well together to solve each of the challenging problems, coming away with a great sense of fun
while stimulating the brain."

"Patience, teamwork and an appreciation for the complexity of language, alongside problem-solving skills enabled the participants to do well. The mental reward of having cracked the puzzles was doubled by bespoke cupcakes with the competition’s logo"
Headmaster's Weekly Newsletter: Linguistics Olympiad -(2023)