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Table Version Updates


2021 A3 > Added Numbers Label, mistake found

2.10 (06/01/2022)

NEW COLUMN: Reference Name ( A Unique reference given to each question for quick referral, ordered by year and question number starting at 1 from question 1 of 2010), some questions are given fun nicknames.

2.01 (19/12/2022)

underscores added to linguistics formulae for more accurate searches

2.0 (19/12/2022) BIG-UPDATE-

Advances in research has resulted in a new reformed, simplified and refined classification system

Adding a new linguistic formula

Complete classification system

Adding Emphasised markers (bold) to show subject dominance in a question

Early Changes:

Luiseno: MoPhe
Estonian: Mo_BOLDSy
Italian 2017 Mo*Sy_BOLD
Catalan MoPhoSy

Sentences: Waama,Chintang, heraldry, Kaqchikel, Polish, Hmong, Indonesian 2013, Papago, Tangkhul, Vietnamese 2010
Words & Sentences: Menya, Viet,Kiswahili, Quechua, Bardi,

1.38 (28/11/2022)

Mislabelling of the Hybrid C class
Hybrid C (MSw) + Syntax #HCL2 >> Hybrid C (MSw), Semantics, Syntax #HCL2
Hybrid C (SSw) + Syntax #HCL2 >> Hybrid C (SSw), Semantics, Syntax #HCL2


Solved Mapudungun https issue, should be downloadable now.

1.37 (17/09/2022)

Merged Question and Question Data + Answer Column

Bundle column removed and placed in a new table below

fixed issue with Zoom-in/out feature and width length of the table


Changed titles of Round 1 2022 and Round 2

1.36 (11/09/2022)

Introduced new search feature for Levels

For Breakthrough questions only: search Breakthrough_

For Foundation questions only: search Foundation_

For Intermediate questions only: search Intermediate_

For Advanced questions only: search Advanced_

1.353 (11/09/2022)

Fixed syntax inaccuracy with Hybrid C Class

Hybrid ( >> Hybrid C (

Hybrid C Semantics, Syntax >> Hybrid C + Syntax

1.352 (10/09/2022)

Single Words ( >> Single Words C (
Single Words + >> Single Words C +
Single Words #SwCl4 >> Single Words C #SwCl4
Single Words, >> Single Words C,
Single Words C, Phonetics, Phonology #SwPhp >> Single Words C, Phonetics, Phonology #SwCl2

l1,l2,l3,l4 >> L1, L2, L3, L4

1.351 (08/09/2022)

Technical Information Updated

1.35 (07/09/2022)

Ml1/Ml3 >> MAl1/MAl3

Ml2 >> MCl2

Mcl1/Mcl3 >> McAl1/McA3

Mcl2 >> McCl2

Multiple-choice l2 rows swapped

1.34 (06/09/2022)

Sentences – Morphology #Sel2 >> Sentences, Syntax #Sel2

Nung 2016 Sentences – Semantics #Sel2 >> Sentences #Sel3

Swl1, #Swl2, #Swl3 >> #SwCl1, #SwCl2, #SwCl3

Hl2 >> #HCl2, Hl4 >> #HCl4

Icelandic 2018 Single Words A #SwAl2 >> Single Words A (Maps: Family) #SwAl2

v1.33 (05/09/2022)

Further Simplified Hybrids

New Classification System

Important Details logged here:

Semantics (Writing) #W1Se >> Single Words A (Writing) #SwAl1

Morphology, Semantics (Writing) #Wl2mSe >> Single Words A (Writing) #SwAl2
Semantics (Writing), Syntax #Wl2SeS >> Single Words (Writing) + Syntax #Swl2
Phonology, Semantics (Writing) #Wl2pSe >> Single Words (Writing) + Phonology #Swl2
Phonetics, Semantics (Writing) #Wl2PhSe >> Single Words (Writing) + Phonetics #Swl2
Morphology, Semantics (Writing), Syntax #Wl3mSS >> Single Words A (Writing) #SwAl3
Phonology, Semantics (Writing), Syntax #Wl3pSS >> Single Words B (Writing) #SwBl3

Tocharian >> Single Words B #SwBl2
English 2012 R2.1 >> Single Words B #SwBl1
Arrernte 2011 >> Single Words B #SwBl2

Removed Ordering #O Category

Single Words, Semantics, Syntax #Swl2SeS >> Single Words + Syntax #Swl2
Encrypted, Semantics (Writing) #El1SeW >> Hybrid A (Encrypted) #HAl1

Testable definition for Writing: Excludes imaginary scripts (like musical notes)

Single Words, Semantics #Swl1Se >> Single Words A #SwAl1

Single Words, Phonology #Swl1p >> Single Words B #SwBl1
Single Words, Phonology, Semantics #Swl2pSe >> Single Words + Phonology #Swl2
Single Words, Morphology, Syntax #Swl2mSy >> Single Words, Morphology, Syntax #Swl2

Multiple-Choice, Semantics #Mcl1Se >> Multiple-Choice #Mcl1
Multiple Choice, Pragmatics, Semantics, #Mcl1PrSe >> Multiple Choice, Pragmatics #Mcl2
Multiple-choice, Morphology, Semantics #Mcl2mSe >> Multiple-Choice A #McAl2

Maps, Semantics (Writing) #Mal1SeW >> Single Words A (Maps) #SwAl1

Maps (Family), Morphology, Semantics #Mal2mSe >> Single Words A (Maps: Family) #SwAl2
Maps (Grid), Semantics #Nal1Se >> Single Words A (Maps: Grid) #SwAl1

Semantics (Numbers) #Nl1Se >> Sentences (Numbers) #Sel1
Morphology, Semantics (Numbers) #Nl2mSe >> Sentences (Numbers) #Sel2
Semantics (Numbers), Syntax #Nl2SeS >> Sentences (Numbers), Syntax #Sl2
Morphology, Semantics (Numbers), Syntax #Nl3mSS >> Sentences (Numbers) #Sel3

Yoruba, Danish >> Single Words A (Numbers) #SwAl2
Karelian >> Single Words A (Numbers) #SwAl3

Technical Information Updated

v1.32 (04/09/2022)

Hybrid Category Simplified

Hybrid (match-up, single words) >> Match-up, Single Words
Hybrid (sentences, single words) >> Sentences, Single Words
Hybrid (multiple-choice, sentences) >> Multiple-Choice, Sentences
Hybrid (multiple-choice, single words) >> Multiple-Choice, Single Words
Hybrid (match-up, sentences) >> Match-up, Sentences
Hybrid (match-up, multiple choice) >> Match-up, Multiple Choice

Ha >> #H, Hc >> #H, Hd >> #H, He >> #H, Hf >> #H, Hg >> #H, Hh >> #H

+>> = adding and changing

Albanian Question: Match-up, Multiple-Choice, Single Words +>> Maps
Hungarian 2014 Question: Multiple-Choice +>> Maps (Grid)
Bulgarian 2018 Question: Semantics ( writing) +>> Maps
Beijing 2016 Question Semantics ( writing) +>> Maps
Armenian 2010 Question: Semantics (Writing) +>> Maps
Kayteye 2017 (Single Words, Morphology, Semantics) +>> Maps (Family)

Mutation from maps in semantics category: Wl1Se >> Mal1SeW

[i] questions all solved

Nivkh >> Match-up, (+) Sentences, Morphology, Semantics, Syntax #Hl3mSS

Italian 2017 >> Single Words,(-) Morphology, Syntax #Swl1Sy

Devanagari >> (+) Match-up, Semantics (Writing) #Ml1SeW

Music >> (+) Encrypted, Semantics (Writing) #El1SeW

New Category Found: Encrypted

Yidiny >> (+) Sentences (-) Multiple Choice, Morphology, Semantics, Syntax #Sl3mSS

Navajo >> (+) Sentences (-) Multiple Choice, Morphology, Semantics, Syntax #Sl3mSS

Georgian/Armenian >> Match-up(+), Semantics (Writing) #Ml1SeW

English 2012 R2 1 ( Intepreted as Phonological Rules) Ordering, Phonology, (-) Semantics #Ol1p

Minangkabau >> Single Words, (-) Morphology, Phonology #Swl1p

Cree 2010 >> Single Words (-), Morphology, Semantics (Writing) #Wl2mSe

+ and – notation added ( Sentences + Phonology = Morphology, Phonology, Semantics, Syntax)

Yidiny, Navajo, Tshiluba >> #Sel3
Ute >> Sentences + Phonology #Sel4
Mongo 2020 >> Single Words, Morphology, Phonology, Syntax #Swl3mpSy
Sentences, Semantics, Syntax #Sl2SeS >> Sentences – Morphology #Sel2
Sentences, Morphology, Syntax #Sl2mSy >> Sentences – Semantics #Sel2

New System for Single Words:

Single Words A = Morphology, Semantics, Syntax ( l3) , Morphology, Semantics (l2)

Single Words B = Morphology, Phonology

v1.31 (03/09/2022)

  • Fixed issue with 2SS > 2SeS
  • Hi and Hb Categories removed
  • Numbers, Semantics >> Semantics (Numbers)
  • Writing, Semantics >> Semantics (Writing)
  • Single Words, Phonology #Swl1p >> Phonology #l1p
  • Fixed Catalan and Arapaho coding mistake
  • Sentences, Morphology, Semantics, Syntax #Sl3mSS >> Sentences #Sel3
  • l4mpSS >> l4, l4pmSS >> l4
  • Technical Information Updated

v1.3 (02/09/2022)

  • All Questions now Classified
  • First Round of Analysis is Finished
  • Second Round of Re-Analysis Starting
  • Technical Information Updated
  • +10 Categories

1.24 (01/09/2022)

  • Questions for years 2010-2013 separared ( renewed)
  • All Legacy Questions 2010-2014 cleaned up and design reworked

1.23 (31/08/2022)

  • Classifications for 2014-2016 added
  • Technical Information updated
  • Author names updated
  • 2014 ( new) individual question search available
  • New Question Style found: Ordering (O)
  • +12 categories

1.22 (30/08/2022)

  • Classifications for years 2017-2018 added
  • Technical Information updated
  • +7 new categories


  • Classifications for year 2019 added
  • Changes to ‘Writing’, ‘Pragmatics’, ‘Numbers’
  • 6 new categories found, question type found: Hg
  • Fixed issue with horizontal scrolling on iOS/Android, horizontal scrolling now operational

1.2 (28/08/2022)

  • Classifications for years 2020-2022 added
  • New coding system added for more flexibility in searching

mini update v1.15 (25/08/2022) refinement and fine-tuning in prep. for next update

  • Removed Extra Question Data Column, placed questions and answer data together in one zip file.
  • Removed extra rows 2014/2013 intermediate, 2012 intermediate/advanced, 2011/advanced, compiled files together into combined level packs

1.1 (20/08/2022)

  • Added new Level Column (use the search box to filter levels)
  • Added new Author Column ( like a particular question? See other questions written by the same author)