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Table Version Updates

Current Version

Table v3.01 (last updated 18/10/2023)

Table version log

Total Number of updates since 20/08/2022: 48


Lepcha and Braille Question Links now working

3.0 (18/10/2023)

Entirely new and improved classification, see details

2.344 (19/09/2023)

Undocumented ( likely to be no change)

2.343 (06/08/2023)

Answer (exo) been halted

Lepcha question 2019 fixed


Proto Algonquian link is working now

Announcing transition period: New table v3 coming soon


Labelling Mistake: Bulgarian 2018, Beijing 2016, Armenian 2010, Words > Writing


Pragmatics Category Removed: Theoretical adjustments as new discoveries made on unchangeables. (see technical information)

Underscores added to all elements ( hopefully!)

New Category: Stories


Minor update: no change to table data. Updates to technical information


Changed Filipino 2021 Marking Scheme (Re-Edit)

2.32 (13/04/2023)

Added Pular Question

Added Round 2 Bundle 2023

Fixed issues with Filipino 2021 (new version added)

2.31 (30/03/2023)

Added nicknames to some 2023 questions

Finished updates for 2011 and 2010

Arrernte:MoPho > MoSe
Indonesian: Se > PrSe
Warlpiri MoPho > PhoSe

English R1_2: Se > PrSe
Armenian: Se > PrSe

Tangkhul: Match-Up > Mixed (Answer & Match-Up)

English R1_7: + Encrypted, Se > MoSe

Cree Answer > Match-Up
English R2_3: Answer > Mixed (Answer & Match-Up)

Adding to the Pragmatics Category: Variations of Spatial Implicature
Adding to Question Format (Note this excludes explanation questions in round 2)

2.30 (28/03/2023)

2023 Round 1 and 2 papers released

2.28 (17/03/2023)

2012 updated

English -Pho + Mo

Luiseno +Sy

Haitian +Pho -Mo

Bardi +Mo +Sy

Waorani -Mo

Acturan -Mo

Waanyi +Mo

Catalan +Se


New Theme Found: Phonotactics


2013 updated

Zapotec + Pho

Bulgarian + Sy + Pho

Dutch + Pho

Swedish + Maps ( Mistake)


2014 updated:

Maori + Phe

Kairak + Pho + Se

Navajo + Pho

English 2014: another case study for no Se

Adding reduplication into morphology category


2015 updated:

Polish -Mo

Murrin. +Se

Aymara -Se (Important)

Finnish + Sy + Mo

English + Pr

Important discoveries:

  1. Aymara 2015, out of this analysis is the only question that has no semantics at all, it is a purely monolinguistic Pho question. This means: a) a Pho monolinguistic category is possible b) there is no hierarchy of linguistics in UKLO questions, i.e. there is no derivation from Semantics as a central node c) previous analysis of PhoSe is incorrect and has been overestimated. One of the characteristics of Aymara is the lack of an english or any language – language translation, or a hint to meaning at all, which was assumed to be the case for all UKLO questions. That assumption has now turned out to be false. The question is focused on phonotactics.
  2. English 2015 shows another avenue for a pragmatics question. Comparing English 2015 with Aymara 2015, there is a subtle distinction to be made between acceptable and unacceptable, and right and wrong. We’ve classified the latter to be pragmatics based, and the former to be based on rules that is outside the realm of human intuition that contrasts from a computer’s reasoning.


2016 updated:

Estonia, Tocharian + Se

Malay + Mo


2017 updated:

Abkhaz,Proto, Hieroglyphics +Pho


Romanian : +Se
Pame: + Pho, +Sy
Nivkh: + Pho
Mixtec: + Pho
Menya: + Pho

Mongo 2020 +Se
Italian 2022 +Se
Kabyle 2021 + Se
Mongolian 2019 + Se


Important update:

2019 papers updated:

Corrections: Mongolian: MoPho > MoPhePho, Gumatj: Se > SeSy, Polish: MoPhoSeSy > PhoSeSy, Witsuwiten: SeSy > PhoSeSy

Important case study: Mongolian 2019, caused all these minor changes

All _*Pho_ > _*Pho*Se_

Note: With the corrections in place from the discovery of a miscalculation from Mongolian 2019 in the light of a Phe presence to be a total but loose identification of Phonetics, a monolinguistic Pho category in fact does not exist in UKLO questions. It is in fact bilinguistic paired Se with Pho taking the dominant characteristic. An important question to ask is, is a Pho category possible, can it be created? There is evidence that this is theoretically possible( Kakawin 2021, Mongo 2020, Catalan 2012). Will this have an effect across other linguistic branches?


Updated linguistics formula (2020)


Updated linguistics formulas (2021)

Small changes to terminology of affix in morphology/syntax distinction (solved)

2.12 (05/02/2023)

New theme discovered: Ancient

Updated 2022 linguistics formulas (2022)


2021 A3 > Added Numbers Label, mistake found

2.10 (06/01/2022)

NEW COLUMN: Reference Name ( A Unique reference given to each question for quick referral, ordered by year and question number starting at 1 from question 1 of 2010), some questions are given fun nicknames.

2.01 (19/12/2022)

underscores added to linguistics formulae for more accurate searches

2.0 (19/12/2022) BIG-UPDATE-

Advances in research has resulted in a new reformed, simplified and refined classification system

Adding a new linguistic formula

Complete classification system

Adding Emphasised markers (bold) to show subject dominance in a question

Early Changes:

Luiseno: MoPhe
Estonian: Mo_BOLDSy
Italian 2017 Mo*Sy_BOLD
Catalan MoPhoSy

Sentences: Waama,Chintang, heraldry, Kaqchikel, Polish, Hmong, Indonesian 2013, Papago, Tangkhul, Vietnamese 2010
Words & Sentences: Menya, Viet,Kiswahili, Quechua, Bardi,

1.38 (28/11/2022)

Mislabelling of the Hybrid C class
Hybrid C (MSw) + Syntax #HCL2 >> Hybrid C (MSw), Semantics, Syntax #HCL2
Hybrid C (SSw) + Syntax #HCL2 >> Hybrid C (SSw), Semantics, Syntax #HCL2


Solved Mapudungun https issue, should be downloadable now.

1.37 (17/09/2022)

Merged Question and Question Data + Answer Column

Bundle column removed and placed in a new table below

fixed issue with Zoom-in/out feature and width length of the table


Changed titles of Round 1 2022 and Round 2

1.36 (11/09/2022)

Introduced new search feature for Levels

For Breakthrough questions only: search Breakthrough_

For Foundation questions only: search Foundation_

For Intermediate questions only: search Intermediate_

For Advanced questions only: search Advanced_

1.353 (11/09/2022)

Fixed syntax inaccuracy with Hybrid C Class

Hybrid ( >> Hybrid C (

Hybrid C Semantics, Syntax >> Hybrid C + Syntax

1.352 (10/09/2022)

Single Words ( >> Single Words C (
Single Words + >> Single Words C +
Single Words #SwCl4 >> Single Words C #SwCl4
Single Words, >> Single Words C,
Single Words C, Phonetics, Phonology #SwPhp >> Single Words C, Phonetics, Phonology #SwCl2

l1,l2,l3,l4 >> L1, L2, L3, L4

1.351 (08/09/2022)

Technical Information Updated

1.35 (07/09/2022)

Ml1/Ml3 >> MAl1/MAl3

Ml2 >> MCl2

Mcl1/Mcl3 >> McAl1/McA3

Mcl2 >> McCl2

Multiple-choice l2 rows swapped

1.34 (06/09/2022)

Sentences – Morphology #Sel2 >> Sentences, Syntax #Sel2

Nung 2016 Sentences – Semantics #Sel2 >> Sentences #Sel3

Swl1, #Swl2, #Swl3 >> #SwCl1, #SwCl2, #SwCl3

Hl2 >> #HCl2, Hl4 >> #HCl4

Icelandic 2018 Single Words A #SwAl2 >> Single Words A (Maps: Family) #SwAl2

v1.33 (05/09/2022)

Further Simplified Hybrids

New Classification System

Important Details logged here:

Semantics (Writing) #W1Se >> Single Words A (Writing) #SwAl1

Morphology, Semantics (Writing) #Wl2mSe >> Single Words A (Writing) #SwAl2
Semantics (Writing), Syntax #Wl2SeS >> Single Words (Writing) + Syntax #Swl2
Phonology, Semantics (Writing) #Wl2pSe >> Single Words (Writing) + Phonology #Swl2
Phonetics, Semantics (Writing) #Wl2PhSe >> Single Words (Writing) + Phonetics #Swl2
Morphology, Semantics (Writing), Syntax #Wl3mSS >> Single Words A (Writing) #SwAl3
Phonology, Semantics (Writing), Syntax #Wl3pSS >> Single Words B (Writing) #SwBl3

Tocharian >> Single Words B #SwBl2
English 2012 R2.1 >> Single Words B #SwBl1
Arrernte 2011 >> Single Words B #SwBl2

Removed Ordering #O Category

Single Words, Semantics, Syntax #Swl2SeS >> Single Words + Syntax #Swl2
Encrypted, Semantics (Writing) #El1SeW >> Hybrid A (Encrypted) #HAl1

Testable definition for Writing: Excludes imaginary scripts (like musical notes)

Single Words, Semantics #Swl1Se >> Single Words A #SwAl1

Single Words, Phonology #Swl1p >> Single Words B #SwBl1
Single Words, Phonology, Semantics #Swl2pSe >> Single Words + Phonology #Swl2
Single Words, Morphology, Syntax #Swl2mSy >> Single Words, Morphology, Syntax #Swl2

Multiple-Choice, Semantics #Mcl1Se >> Multiple-Choice #Mcl1
Multiple Choice, Pragmatics, Semantics, #Mcl1PrSe >> Multiple Choice, Pragmatics #Mcl2
Multiple-choice, Morphology, Semantics #Mcl2mSe >> Multiple-Choice A #McAl2

Maps, Semantics (Writing) #Mal1SeW >> Single Words A (Maps) #SwAl1

Maps (Family), Morphology, Semantics #Mal2mSe >> Single Words A (Maps: Family) #SwAl2
Maps (Grid), Semantics #Nal1Se >> Single Words A (Maps: Grid) #SwAl1

Semantics (Numbers) #Nl1Se >> Sentences (Numbers) #Sel1
Morphology, Semantics (Numbers) #Nl2mSe >> Sentences (Numbers) #Sel2
Semantics (Numbers), Syntax #Nl2SeS >> Sentences (Numbers), Syntax #Sl2
Morphology, Semantics (Numbers), Syntax #Nl3mSS >> Sentences (Numbers) #Sel3

Yoruba, Danish >> Single Words A (Numbers) #SwAl2
Karelian >> Single Words A (Numbers) #SwAl3

Technical Information Updated

v1.32 (04/09/2022)

Hybrid Category Simplified

Hybrid (match-up, single words) >> Match-up, Single Words
Hybrid (sentences, single words) >> Sentences, Single Words
Hybrid (multiple-choice, sentences) >> Multiple-Choice, Sentences
Hybrid (multiple-choice, single words) >> Multiple-Choice, Single Words
Hybrid (match-up, sentences) >> Match-up, Sentences
Hybrid (match-up, multiple choice) >> Match-up, Multiple Choice

Ha >> #H, Hc >> #H, Hd >> #H, He >> #H, Hf >> #H, Hg >> #H, Hh >> #H

+>> = adding and changing

Albanian Question: Match-up, Multiple-Choice, Single Words +>> Maps
Hungarian 2014 Question: Multiple-Choice +>> Maps (Grid)
Bulgarian 2018 Question: Semantics ( writing) +>> Maps
Beijing 2016 Question Semantics ( writing) +>> Maps
Armenian 2010 Question: Semantics (Writing) +>> Maps
Kayteye 2017 (Single Words, Morphology, Semantics) +>> Maps (Family)

Mutation from maps in semantics category: Wl1Se >> Mal1SeW

[i] questions all solved

Nivkh >> Match-up, (+) Sentences, Morphology, Semantics, Syntax #Hl3mSS

Italian 2017 >> Single Words,(-) Morphology, Syntax #Swl1Sy

Devanagari >> (+) Match-up, Semantics (Writing) #Ml1SeW

Music >> (+) Encrypted, Semantics (Writing) #El1SeW

New Category Found: Encrypted

Yidiny >> (+) Sentences (-) Multiple Choice, Morphology, Semantics, Syntax #Sl3mSS

Navajo >> (+) Sentences (-) Multiple Choice, Morphology, Semantics, Syntax #Sl3mSS

Georgian/Armenian >> Match-up(+), Semantics (Writing) #Ml1SeW

English 2012 R2 1 ( Intepreted as Phonological Rules) Ordering, Phonology, (-) Semantics #Ol1p

Minangkabau >> Single Words, (-) Morphology, Phonology #Swl1p

Cree 2010 >> Single Words (-), Morphology, Semantics (Writing) #Wl2mSe

+ and – notation added ( Sentences + Phonology = Morphology, Phonology, Semantics, Syntax)

Yidiny, Navajo, Tshiluba >> #Sel3
Ute >> Sentences + Phonology #Sel4
Mongo 2020 >> Single Words, Morphology, Phonology, Syntax #Swl3mpSy
Sentences, Semantics, Syntax #Sl2SeS >> Sentences – Morphology #Sel2
Sentences, Morphology, Syntax #Sl2mSy >> Sentences – Semantics #Sel2

New System for Single Words:

Single Words A = Morphology, Semantics, Syntax ( l3) , Morphology, Semantics (l2)

Single Words B = Morphology, Phonology

v1.31 (03/09/2022)

  • Fixed issue with 2SS > 2SeS
  • Hi and Hb Categories removed
  • Numbers, Semantics >> Semantics (Numbers)
  • Writing, Semantics >> Semantics (Writing)
  • Single Words, Phonology #Swl1p >> Phonology #l1p
  • Fixed Catalan and Arapaho coding mistake
  • Sentences, Morphology, Semantics, Syntax #Sl3mSS >> Sentences #Sel3
  • l4mpSS >> l4, l4pmSS >> l4
  • Technical Information Updated

v1.3 (02/09/2022)

  • All Questions now Classified
  • First Round of Analysis is Finished
  • Second Round of Re-Analysis Starting
  • Technical Information Updated
  • +10 Categories

1.24 (01/09/2022)

  • Questions for years 2010-2013 separared ( renewed)
  • All Legacy Questions 2010-2014 cleaned up and design reworked

1.23 (31/08/2022)

  • Classifications for 2014-2016 added
  • Technical Information updated
  • Author names updated
  • 2014 ( new) individual question search available
  • New Question Style found: Ordering (O)
  • +12 categories

1.22 (30/08/2022)

  • Classifications for years 2017-2018 added
  • Technical Information updated
  • +7 new categories


  • Classifications for year 2019 added
  • Changes to ‘Writing’, ‘Pragmatics’, ‘Numbers’
  • 6 new categories found, question type found: Hg
  • Fixed issue with horizontal scrolling on iOS/Android, horizontal scrolling now operational

1.2 (28/08/2022)

  • Classifications for years 2020-2022 added
  • New coding system added for more flexibility in searching

mini update v1.15 (25/08/2022) refinement and fine-tuning in prep. for next update

  • Removed Extra Question Data Column, placed questions and answer data together in one zip file.
  • Removed extra rows 2014/2013 intermediate, 2012 intermediate/advanced, 2011/advanced, compiled files together into combined level packs

1.1 (20/08/2022)

  • Added new Level Column (use the search box to filter levels)
  • Added new Author Column ( like a particular question? See other questions written by the same author)