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Our Mission

Here is our mission: we create linguistics puzzles and run competitions for school children to encourage a lifelong interest in the world’s languages. We hope teachers will dive in deep with their students to uncover the strangeness and the beauty of these languages. We hope students will go on a journey with us to places far away from the UK and to experience languages very different from ours.

Take the Challenge

Do you have what it takes to represent the United Kingdom on a world’s stage? Do you have the courage, the mental agility and the resilience to make it through the rounds of glory? Do you want to discover worlds and possibilities you have never come across in your life? Test your brain, test your might, and enter the United Kingdom Linguistics Olympiad (abbreviated UKLO) to become our next champion!

We have set out a challenge to young people (ages 7-18) and teachers from schools all around the UK to problem solve the questions we have made for them. UKLO is a team exercise for teachers to register and provide environments for practice, as well as for students to get involved and join. It is a great opportunity for teachers and students to work together on something both of them have never tried before, and to represent their school against hundreds of other schools in the grand competition that is UKLO. So students! Whether you are the captain of geeks, or the captain of paper aeroplanes, you may be our next champion. Last but not least, have fun!