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To Compete

Get in touch either with us or with your teacher (who may be in any department: modern languages/ mathematics/ English or whoever is coordinating it, ask around!).You will need to find a teacher who might be interested and persuade them to act as the contact teacher. Everyone is allowed to compete. If you are home-tutored, please follow directions here.

If you wish to do an advanced paper, you can use this model template to introduce UKLO to your teachers and express some enthusiasm for languages and linguistics:

“Hello my name is __ and I really want to compete in UKLO and represent my school. UKLO is an annual language analysis competition for all schools and ages, and you can find all details at . It is a great opportunity for me to follow my passions and demonstrate my skills in languages and linguistics. In order to compete, I need a teacher to register me and to supervise a 2.5 hour exam. (+ extra time if required). The UKLO season this year starts on the 30th January and a registration needs to come in before then ( the sooner the better). Examination week is between the 6th-10th February and the exam can be sat on any day at any time during that period. All timetabling can be found here: .If you could please help me to enter into this competition and supervise my exam, I would be incredibly grateful.”