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UKLO 2022 IOL Results


UKLO 2022 IOL (Isle of Man) Photos

King William’s College, Castletown 25/07/2022 (morning)
King William’s College, Castletown with JOL ( Japanese Olympiad) 25/07/2022 (morning)
Beachfront in Douglas after the opening ceremony 25/07/2022 (afternoon)
(Top) Port Erin 27/07/2022 (Bottom) Outside of Castle Rushen 28/07/2022
Cèilidh – traditional social gathering involving folk music and dancing 28/07/2022
Awards Ceremony: Gold 29/07/2022
Awards Ceremony: Silver 29/07/2022
Awards Ceremony: Bronze Team 29/07/2022
Awards Ceremony: Honorable Mentions 29/07/2022

IOL Report

2022 – Isle of Man 25/07/2022 – 29/07/2022

This was an electrifying atmosphere of fun and serious competition for our teams. They have pushed the bar further and have made a considerable leap forward since the pandemic recovery, placing the UK back on track as a formidable team. It is a moment of joy and celebration for everyone at UKLO, as well as for our competitors and coaching teams who have worked tirelessly for this result. The report below details the day-to-day summaries of the UKLO team in a snapshot with photo illustrations above.

Main competitions were held at King William’s College, Castletown competing with 34 other countries from around Europe, Asia, the Middle East and The Americas. Group photos were organised for all teams on the morning of Monday (25th) gathered around old cobblestone buildings, with a friendly gesture from the Japanese Team wearing bright blue (JoL) to take group photos with the UK team. “They wanted to have their photo taken with UKLO – an early moment of bonding at IOL” commented Graeme, one of the team leaders.

Events organised by the local IOL committees at Isle of Man local IOL committee of the Isle of Man ensured that teams were busy with local cultural activities and adventure around the island. UKLO visited the beachfront at Douglas on Monday afternoon with a very positive team spirit and thankfully dry and sunny weather, “This friendly inter-squad interaction is exactly something we missed last year – so glad to see it coming back at last.” commented Kazune, marking and coaching coordinator who was there with them.

Wednesday the 27th was an outing for ice-cream at Port Erin. Graeme explained that “the ice-cream is just a ‘UKLO at IOL’ tradition – at every IOL we buy the squad an ice-cream”; so iconic to be described as ritualistically ‘famous’.

Thursday the 28th was a day of Cèilidh which is a traditional social gathering involving folk music and dancing. Photos were also taken of students sitting on a ledge outside Castle Rushen.

Friday the 29th was an awards ceremony where the UK won 1 gold, 4 silver, 1 team bronze, 1 best solution and 1 honorable mention, making it one of our best years yet.

IOL Results

GOLDAlison Craig-GreeneKing Edward VI Grammar SchoolUK U
SILVERGeorge ZhouWestminster SchoolUK U
SILVERStratos VoudourisReading SchoolUK K
SILVERToby CollinsThe Perse SchoolUK K  
SILVERWilliam ThompsonWinchester CollegeUK K
BRONZE TEAM TROPHYAlex Thompson, Stratos Voudouris, Toby Collins, William ThompsonDr Challoner’s Grammar School, Reading School, The Perse School, Winchester CollegeUK K
HONORABLE MENTIONBrendan BethlehemWestminster SchoolUK U
BEST PROB 3William ThompsonWinchester CollegeUK K