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United Kingdom IOL Dream Team scores 2 golds in Bulgaria

written 21/08/2023

Individual contest– 1 Gold, 2 Silvers, 1 Bronze

In a remarkable achievement at the International Linguistics Olympiad (IOL), the United Kingdom secured a resounding victory in Bansko, Bulgaria by showcasing their linguistic prowess. The UK team of four stood out with a medal for each: a bronze, two silvers, and a gold, making it a dream team. The UK was one of only two countries to achieve this, and the UK had the highest average score of any national team.

Team contest – scored Gold

This victory marked a historic moment for the UK as the team claimed the coveted gold medal for the first time since 2015 in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, marking only the second time in the history of the UK Linguistics Olympiad (UKLO) that they have achieved this remarkable feat. Unlike the individual contest, the team contest only gives out one gold medal. The team’s dedication and hard work culminated in this outstanding performance, underscoring their commitment to the study and exploration of linguistics.

The competitors

The individual achievements were equally exceptional. Will, a member of the UK team, emerged as a shining star by clinching the gold medal, an accolade that reflects his exceptional skills and linguistic acumen. Alison and Dan contributed to the team’s triumph by securing well-deserved silvers, further highlighting the depth of talent within the UK team. Eleanor’s accomplishment in securing the bronze medal added to the team’s overall success, showcasing the well-roundedness of the UK’s linguistic talents.

What does this mean for linguistics and languages in the UK?

The UK’s remarkable victory at the IOL serves as a testament to their dedication to linguistics and their commitment to excellence in this intellectually demanding field. Their performance not only secured medals but also continues to cement their position as a force to be reckoned with on the global stage of linguistic competitions. This success serves as a powerful inspiration for students and language enthusiasts alike, bolstering interest and engagement in the field of linguistics and languages across the United Kingdom. It also is further testament to the fact that UK students indeed are very talented in languages, shining light on their analytical abilities and interest in foreign languages, cultures and the wider world.

Medals for 2023

For the team contest, only one gold title is awarded to one country (and is officially counted as 1 gold), but each member of the team each receives a physical gold medal (shown below).

NameSchoolIndividual ContestTeam Contest
William ThomsonWinchester CollegeGoldGold
Alison Craig-GreeneKing Edward VI Grammar School, EssexSilverGold
Daniel TitmasReading SchoolSilverGold
Eleanor BorrelThe London Oratory SchoolBronzeGold

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