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The Warwick Camps

The Isle Of Man

IOL Results for 2022

R1 Specifics

R2 Specifics

Warwick Camps for 2022

This year, unlike previous years, we are providing a residential camp in April for the top dozen performers in Round 2. This will provide the basis for selecting the final UK squad and for further training for International Linguistics OlympiadThe University of Warwick have kindly agreed to host the UK teams for the competition. Your camp will be located in their Radcliffe Conference Centre.  Your room is designed for two people, but you will be the only occupant. This event, like the rest of UKLO’s offerings, is entirely free to both the participants and their schools. This is possible because of generous financial support from our sponsoring organisationsWifi will be available.

Full Itinerary: For the full itinerary, from the evening of Thursday 28 April to the afternoon of Sunday 1 May. click here


Please aim to arrive between 4.30 and 6 pm on Thursday. If you’re coming by train, alight at Coventry (NOT Warwick), and look for the reception committee. (We’ll provide more information later.)

Covid precautions

Please take a lateral-flow test before you come. If you are positive, please stay away, but let us know as soon as possible. We’ll try to arrange for you to participate remotely.

Please bring a mask to wear when circulating in public places in the conference centre.

Who’s Competing?

The camp will consist of 13 competitors and three resident tutors (listed below). The competitors will be selected on the basis of their performance in Round 2.  The camp will help in the selection of the eight members of the UK squad for the International Linguistics Olympiad. 

The following have been invited to attend the camp; those with * before their name cannot come:

  • *Albert Kwok (Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School)
  • Alex Cheesewright (Chelmsford County High School for Girls)
  • Alexander Thompson (Dr Challoner’s Grammar School)
  • Alison Craig-Greene (King Edward VI Grammar School, Essex)
  • Brendan Bethlehem (Westminster School)
  • *Daniel Morgan (Hampton School)
  • George Zhou (Westminster School)
  • Harry Scott-Burt (Uppingham School)
  • Max Fisher-Ayres (Alleyn’s School)
  • Raka Chattopadhyay (The Queen’s School)
  • Sarp Eren Hangisi (King’s College London Mathematics School)
  • Stratos Voudouris (Reading School)
  • Toby Collins (The Perse School, Cambridge)
  • *Toby Weston (King’s College School, Wimbledon)
  • William Thomson (Winchester College)
  • Yipeng Xu (City of London School

The tutors will be:

Both Neil and Graeme have served as UKLO tutors and team leaders many times before, while Simi brought home Gold or Silver medals from the IOL in 2017, 2018 and 2019. All three have full clearance for working with young people.

Isle of Man 2022 (IOL)

The International Linguistics Olympiad is hosted this year in the Isle of Man (inbetween Northern Ireland and England). The IOL consists of two competitions: the individual competition (lasting six hours) and the team competition (lasting ‘just’ three hours). There is a programme of social events to fill the rest of the five days. This event, like the rest of UKLO’s offerings, is entirely free to both the participants and their schools. This is possible because of generous financial support from our sponsoring organisations.

The UK squad will consist of the following two teams of competitors:

Competitor NameTeamSchool
Alex ThompsonKDr Challoner’s Grammar School
Stratos VoudourisKReading School
Toby CollinsKThe Perse School, Cambridge
William ThomsonKWinchester College
Alison Craig-GreeneUKing Edward VI Grammar School, Essex
Brendan BethlehemUWestminster School
George ZhouUWestminster School
Raka ChattopadhyayUThe Queen’s School, Chester

The meeting lasts from Monday 25th July to Friday 29th, but we expect to travel out on the Sunday and back on the following Saturday.

IOL Results 2022


UKLO 2022 IOL (Isle of Man) Photos

King William’s College, Castletown 25/07/2022 (morning)
King William’s College, Castletown with JOL ( Japanese Olympiad) 25/07/2022 (morning)
Beachfront in Douglas after the opening ceremony 25/07/2022 (afternoon)
(Top) Port Erin 27/07/2022 (Bottom) Outside of Castle Rushen 28/07/2022
Cèilidh – traditional social gathering involving folk music and dancing 28/07/2022
Awards Ceremony: Gold 29/07/2022
Awards Ceremony: Silver 29/07/2022
Awards Ceremony: Bronze Team 29/07/2022
Awards Ceremony: Honorable Mentions 29/07/2022

IOL Report

2022 – Isle of Man 25/07/2022 – 29/07/2022

This was an electrifying atmosphere of fun and serious competition for our teams. They have pushed the bar further and have made a considerable leap forward since the pandemic recovery, placing the UK back on track as a formidable team. It is a moment of joy and celebration for everyone at UKLO, as well as for our competitors and coaching teams who have worked tirelessly for this result. The report below details the day-to-day summaries of the UKLO team in a snapshot with photo illustrations above.

Main competitions were held at King William’s College, Castletown competing with 34 other countries from around Europe, Asia, the Middle East and The Americas. Group photos were organised for all teams on the morning of Monday (25th) gathered around old cobblestone buildings, with a friendly gesture from the Japanese Team wearing bright blue (JoL) to take group photos with the UK team. “They wanted to have their photo taken with UKLO – an early moment of bonding at IOL” commented Graeme, one of the team leaders.

Events organised by the local IOL committees at Isle of Man local IOL committee of the Isle of Man ensured that teams were busy with local cultural activities and adventure around the island. UKLO visited the beachfront at Douglas on Monday afternoon with a very positive team spirit and thankfully dry and sunny weather, “This friendly inter-squad interaction is exactly something we missed last year – so glad to see it coming back at last.” commented Kazune, marking and coaching coordinator who was there with them.

Wednesday the 27th was an outing for ice-cream at Port Erin. Graeme explained that “the ice-cream is just a ‘UKLO at IOL’ tradition – at every IOL we buy the squad an ice-cream”; so iconic to be described as ritualistically ‘famous’.

Thursday the 28th was a day of Cèilidh which is a traditional social gathering involving folk music and dancing. Photos were also taken of students sitting on a ledge outside Castle Rushen.

Friday the 29th was an awards ceremony where the UK won 1 gold, 4 silver, 1 team bronze, 1 best solution and 1 honorable mention, making it one of our best years yet.

IOL Results

GOLDAlison Craig-GreeneKing Edward VI Grammar SchoolUK U
SILVERGeorge ZhouWestminster SchoolUK U
SILVERStratos VoudourisReading SchoolUK K
SILVERToby CollinsThe Perse SchoolUK K  
SILVERWilliam ThompsonWinchester CollegeUK K
BRONZE TEAM TROPHYAlex Thompson, Stratos Voudouris, Toby Collins, William ThompsonDr Challoner’s Grammar School, Reading School, The Perse School, Winchester CollegeUK K
HONORABLE MENTIONBrendan BethlehemWestminster SchoolUK U
BEST PROB 3William ThompsonWinchester CollegeUK K

2022 Arrangements

Round 1 2022

Please check for updates every other day!

For Teachers


  • Mon Jan 31, 2022: end of period for notifying Advanced numbers.
  • Thurs Feb 3: test material released on the portal for all levels (see below).
  • Feb 7-11: test week for round 1
  • Fri Feb 11 (end): deadline for scanning and uploading Advanced scripts.
  • Sat Feb 12: solutions for non-Advanced problems released via the portal.
  • Mon Feb 28: results announced for the Advanced competition.
  • March 14: deadline for entering non-Advanced results in the portal. Soon after that we’ll fix the national thresholds to tell you that you can download your certificates.
  • April 4 (tbc): All-clear for releasing publicly all the test material, for all levels including Advanced, and including solutions and marking schemes.

For Markers


  • Mon 31st January: final day for notifying us of your marker capacity.
  • Feb 1-4: week for allocation of schools to markers. During this week your page on the portal will show the contact details and script numbers of your school(s).
  • Feb 7-11: test week, so all Advanced scripts should have been scanned and uploaded (with lists of names) by the end of Friday 11th.
  • Feb 12: The portal will allow you to download:
    • the scripts for you to mark (provided they have been uploaded by your assigned teachers)
    • complete problem data including the solutions and marking scheme, as well as the data and a commentary.
  • Feb 12-21: Marking takes place.
  • Monday 21st February: Deadline for uploading points to the portal.
  • Monday 28 February: Advanced results announced
    • If you have been sent paper scripts with a stamped addressed envelope, please keep them with you till this day in case we need to include them in our shortlist; but on this day you can return them to the school.

Important Noticeboard

For Teachers

  • Sun 22.2.13: The solutions and marking schemes that I uploaded yesterday evening contained some small errors which have now been fixed in the uploaded versions. If you downloaded those files before 13.00 on Sunday I’m afraid you should download them again. (The problems involved are #7 and #10.) Very sorry, and thanks to those who spotted the errors.
  • Tues 22.2.8: Problem 5. The mentions of “Columbia” should, of course, be “Colombia”! Very sorry – do alert your competitors.
  • Mon 22.2.7: Problem 5. Feel free to explain what a machete is if you think they won’t know. Please try to avoid comparing it to a sword – if possible, just give them a picture and explain how it’s used.
  • Mon 22.2.7: Breakthrough and Foundation levels. If you downloaded the solutions and marking scheme on Thursday or Friday (see the next bullet), please DON’T start marking, because I’m expecting to revise them in the next day or two when I test-mark some scripts. The official versions will be uploaded on Saturday, so please wait till then. Very sorry if you’re itching to get started …
  • Fri 22.2.4: Breakthrough and Foundation levels. (Not a moment of glory here …) I accidentally uploaded the files with solutions for these two levels. When printing them out, please make sure not to include the solutions! The uploaded files are now correct (as of 10 pm Friday evening).
  • Fri 22.2.4: Problem 10. During the correction of the minor error below, I uploaded the wrong file – the one with the solution to Problem 10! This has now been corrected.
  • Thurs 22.2.3: Problem 10. The footnote contained an obvious error which has been removed. If you downloaded the material before 20.30 on Thursday you’ll have the error, but copies downloaded after that time are correct.

For Markers

  • 17 Feb: The portal issue should have now been resolved. If it is still not working properly, please let know as a matter of urgency.
  • 16 Feb: Due to some system-internal errors, all of your script allocation are temporarily being invisible. We are aiming to resolve the issue in due course, and will keep you all updated. We apologise for the inconveniences caused.
  • 13 Feb: Several errors spotted, with especially serious ones for #7 and #10. For marking, please download the new file that is available from the Portal (which I believe should have now had all errors rectified). [Sorry – sent you a message before I knew about this alert]: 
  • The correct answer for Q7.2a should be köñö ngb, not könö ngb
  • The max points for Q7 are now 30
  • The maximum points available for Q7.2 should be 8, and
  • The maximum points available for Q7.3 were changed to 15.
  • The correct answer for Q8.1 should be a:kä, not ä:kä
  • Q8.2d should have a + after ho’/
  • Q8.2e should read as  +pehe’a+na:we+ or _+pehe’a+na:+we
  • The points at the top and next to the answers for Q10 did not align. Please follow the one at the top (not the ones next to the answers)! [Now fixed in the current downloadable file.]

Round 2 2022


  • Tues 15th: Eva has distributed the test material by email to all of you. However, it is possible that her message has been blocked by your email system. If you have not received the material, please contact her immediately.

For comments and corrections arising during the test day. If you have an issue that isn’t yet mentioned on this noticeboard, please email Dick on Weds before 1.00 pm or Eva (who’s in the USA) after 1.00 pm.


This year, as last year, Round 2 will be held in schools, with the usual invigilation by a teacher, and it will be open to anyone who wins a Gold certificate in the Advanced competition at Round 1.


  • Wednesday March 16.
  • The competition lasts for three and a half hours, so it needs an uninterrupted period of 210 minutes. To ensure security, we have designated 2.00 pm as the anchor time. Ideally, the competition time should include the anchor time, but if this is not possible, competitors should be supervised between the competition time and the anchor time.


As in previous years, the Round 2 competition will select the UK squad for the International Linguistics Olympiad. However, this year it will in fact select the best 12 competitors, of whom eight will be in the squad.


  • The test is an invigilated individual test like the Round 1 Advanced competition.
  • It will consist of five problems in PDF format which can be printed out, scanned and returned to the teacher, who will then pass it on to UKLO for marking.


Particular thanks to those who organised markathons:

  • Undergraduate Linguistics Association of Britain (ULAB)
    • Organiser: Hafren Vaughan
    • Participants: Clara Braun, Jie Yu Nicole Chan, Sanjana Joshi, Chunxi Luo, Darwin McNeill, Suzy Park, Eloise Parr, Joana Pocopkaite
  • University College London (UCL)
    • Organiser: Kazune Sato
    • Participants: Klaus Abels, Stefano Castiglione, Abigail Gomez, Elodie Hu, Luisa Hu, Simran Hussain, Hirohito Kanazawa, Haolin Li, Luvia Li, Xingpei Li, Woraprat Manowang, Marta Nagy, Qizhang ‘Sarah’ Shi, Sama Soliman, Yujia Sun, Kriszta Szendroi, Jiayi ‘Amelia’ Tang, Wenkai Tay, Zsofia Varga, Ke ‘Kimmy’ Wang, Vanessa Wu, Lyris Xu, Maggie Zhang, Jiangyue Zhu
  • University of Aberdeen
    • Organiser: Hafren Vaughan
    • Participants: Naomi Black, Roma Dhasmana, Kirsty Gardiner, Emily Heggernes, Emma Johnson, Stephanie Mcwilliams, Jonathan Nielsen, Rebecca Smith, Eleni Spyridou
  • Newcastle University
    • Organisers: Michelle SheehanRebecca Woods
    • Participants: Gabriela Baban, Cerys Bodey, Michael Bonney, Sarah Moller, Ashley Roberts, Eve Whitaker