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How to scan double-sided sheets

In previous years we have received papers presented upside-down. In some cases our markers are unable to rotate the exams and it causes an obstruction. Please read the instructions below to ensure that your student’s answers are presented in the correct orientation. Thank you for your understanding.

  1. Some printers have an arrow to show where the top part of the page is supposed to go. In most printers, the way to place a page to scan is by turning the page landscape such that the top half of the page is on the left side, and the bottom half is on the right side. Please test which orientation is correct for your printer with a test run. Please ensure your page is aligned along the template guidelines given by the printer for A4 paper.
  2. Once you have successfully found the correct orientation for your printer, please scan the first sheet with the contents of the first page facing down against the glass laser scanner
  3. Once the first page of the double-sided page is scanned, leave the page landscape inside the printer. With one hand, carefully hold the longer side of the page closest to you, move your hand only upwards so the paper dangles , and flip it away from you to face the other side ( you are essentially flipping the page from one long end to the other long end, do not flip from short end to short end)
  4. Ensure the page is aligned correctly with the scanner, and scan the second page
  5. Please have a look at the copied pdf and check that every page is readable and not upside-down.