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University of Sheffield: New UKLO info and mentor session

6th December, 2022, from 1-4pm

Presented by Robyn Orfitelli
UK Linguistics Olympiad (UKLO) is a language-analysis competition for all ages. UKLO challenges you to find and analyse patterns in the world’s languages. The University of Sheffield English Language and Linguistics department is hosting a session for all students and teachers. Are you interested in learning more about UKLO and practicing UKLO linguistics problems? This event is on the 6th of December, 2022, from 1-4pm at the University of Sheffield. You can register for it by contacting Edward Poole at

This event is for everyone, whether you already know about UKLO, or are just hearing about it for the first time now. Students interested in learning more about linguistics but aren’t competing in UKLO are also welcome!

The session will cover:

1) What is linguistics about? What is UKLO?

2) An introduction to a bit of linguistics research useful for identifying cross-linguistic patterns.

3) A practical to work with other students on these interesting language puzzles. You will receive help from current Sheffield linguistics students and lecturers!

About Edward Poole:

“I organise events for students who may not have a family history of participation in HE. I hope that by engaging young people I can raise their aspirations to HE study, build their confidence and de-mystify University life and study.”

To learn more about UKLO or register for the upcoming competition. The next competition is held in February 2023.

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